The Syndicate Service

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Using our website and our Android App Owners, Breeders and Trainers can create racing syndicates and manage every contact point with their shareholders.

Create, Advertise, Sell, Collect Training Fees and Manage your syndicate from

We have been selling and syndicating racehorses via the internet for over a dozen years - and managing syndicates from two to two-thousand people in them. As a result, we are a small, dedicated team who have plenty of experience working with trainers and know how to ensure racehorse owners are effectively managed. Our online systems allows you to control every important area of racehorse ownership. Here are just some of the tools placed at your disposal:


  • Automated Customer Set-up
  • Sales management and processing (optional)
  • Syndicate Agreement processing
  • Monthly Fee payments by direct debit direct to your Bank Account
  • Invoice Management
  • Debtor/Dunning processes (optional)
  • Prizemoney processing
  • Closing/ending Ownership processes
Reporting and Notifications

  • Trainer reports/updates/messages
  • Entries
  • Declarations
  • Non-Runners
  • Result reporting
  • Trainer text reports
  • Trainer audio/video reports
  • Trainer and racehorse media
  • Pre-race media reporting
  • Free to use Android App
Ownership Benefits

  • Race-day Badge processing
  • Stable Visit booking/management
  • Personal Email and Text Message updates

The best run syndicates are a combination of the Syndicate Manager and the Trainer both contributing to giving the Owner the best experience possible. The system makes delivering the latest reports, photographs, video or audio content very straightforward. All of the standard race-management requirements, such as entries, declarations, results, monthly fees, invoicing etc.. are dealt with with no input required from the Syndicate Manager.

So who uses

The single greatest user of our service are Racehorse Trainers. Single owners who own horses 100% outright are still around, but are an endangered species - syndication is now the primary method of owning a racehorse in the UK and beyond. Whether its three or four people, or twenty, keeping all the members of a racing syndicate happy with their horse can be time consuming. Syndicate Manager allows the trainer to provide a quality service for the syndicate members, for the minimum amount of input, releasing him/her to do what they are best at - training racehorses to win races! And all of this will cost no more than a set of racing plates each month...

We also have Breeders using the service - who wish to lease a horse for its racing career before it returns to the paddocks. Professional Syndicate Managers also use our service extensively.

Shareholders, Privacy and Data Ownership

Even though we are integral to how Syndicate Managers operate their syndicates, we are in the background, allowing the Trainer and Syndicate Manager to 'own' the service with their shareholders/owners. We pride ourselve on the fact that many of the trainers who use our systems on a daily basis have no knowledge of the internet or communication technologies. All they need to operate their syndicate is their mobile phone. Your syndicate will be recognised as being run by yourself, and even with little input can provide a quality service to your shareholders.

Selling shares in a syndicate is often where the 'management' of a syndicate can finish. So we provide a one-stop service which allows the entire life of an owners racehorse ownership to be handled effectively in one place. We provide the tools that will make a good ownership experience, great.

Your shareholders, their data, and any purchase history remain your property at all times. We manage owners, trainers and syndicate managers data on their behalf in order to deliver a quality service, but only communicate racehorse related information. You may download your syndicate data whenever you wish - and once a syndicate has been closed, all related personal and reporting data is removed from the 'Live' environment, archived for six months and then deleted.

You may view our privacy, terms and shareholder access statements at any time.