SyndMan App


SyndicateManager App

Syndicate Management in your pocket

Android App

Our app operates on all Android phones and tablets and is free to download and free to operate with your account. It has been in use since 2017 and is used daily to manage hundreds of syndicates. An Apple version is set for release in 2019.

What it does

The SyndMan App is build just for Syndicate Managers - it allows you to manage your syndicate wherever you are. Here are just some of the features of the SyndMan App:

Feature Description Benefit
FREE with our management service Download and use as soon as your account is set-up. A great extra at no extra cost.
Easy to use Even a technophobe can use it wihout instructions. It's dead easy - we promise!
Communicate simply Choose the syndicate, then send photos, videos, messages & audio to your owners. Quick and simple communication.
Check entries & declarations One tap will enable you to view exactly what your owners are viewing regarding their syndicate. Complete control.
Free updates We are constantly adding new features to the App. Updates are automatic and free. Free with your SyndicateManager account.

Can I manage everything through the app?

The app is currently dedicated to managing your communication with your owners. It is being expanded all the time to include other activities. However to manage ads, racehorse profiles and owners you currently need to login to your website account. However, our website is mobile friendly and can easily be accessed via your phone or tablet.