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If you want to see how works, then you can set-up and run a small syndicate for FREE. Simply sign-up and we will create your first syndicate/racehorse for you. Test our service out at no cost. It's a great way to learn how flexible and valuable the service is without any financial commitment.


Here are the primary features of the FREE service trial:

Service Description Benefit
Automatic content for owners You report on your horse, we do the rest. Entries, declarations, results, handicap updates, race form reports are all done for you. Be professional.
Report on your racehorse SyndicateManager puts you in control. Create your syndicate, edit it, communicate quickly and easily with your owners via the website of your SyndMan App. Great owner communication.
Online Badge Allocation A major benefit. Owners Badge allocations made simple. No more allocation headaches
Grow your syndicates Our systems are capable of running syndicates of up to thousands of people. Totally scaleable to your needs.
Pay when you're ready Add up to four owners for FREE, then go to our paid-for service when you're ready to expand. Test us before you buy!

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We believe you should be able to test before you commit, which is why your first syndicate and first four owners are free.