Syndicate Acceptance Criteria

. Syndicate Acceptance Criteria

Basic Requirements

In order to syndicate your racehorse using, we have to complete a due diligence process on your syndicate. This process ensures the protection of both trainers and owners who are syndicating horses, and the shareholders who will become Owners. Acceptance is simple:

  • The racehorse must be physically capable of racing;
  • The racehorse is registered to race with the relevant racing authorities;
  • The syndicate must lease or own the shares they intend to syndicate in the racehorse;
  • The syndicate manager must be willing to publish his/her name and provide full contact details.

When you submit your syndicate/racehorse for syndication, will check:

  • That the racehorse(s) are registered with Weatherby's; or,
  • In the case of 2YO's or unraced older horses, proof of ownership must be established
  • That the syndicate name should be associated with the racehorse
  • Whether Syndicate Agreement/Terms and conditions agreements are in place with all current owners/shareholders
  • That in the trainer's or a vet's opinion, the animal is fit to be syndicated may contact Weatherby's, the BHA and the current trainer/vet associated with the racehorse in order to establish the above.

Information from the Syndicate Manager

In order to utilise some of the more important features of the service, Syndicates will be requested to supply further information, including, but not limited to:

  • Basic banking information
  • Personal details of the person responsible for the syndicate

Important clients and syndicate shareholders are requested to agree to our terms before accessing the service.